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R6: T1 will enter the official Rainbow Six Siege competitions

R6: T1 will enter the official Rainbow Six Siege competitions
The South Korean organization of T1 will enter the official Rainbow Six Siege competitions; know more.
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T1 organization, which was once three times World Champion of League of Legends, of Riot Games, is preparing to enter the official competitions of Rainbow Six Siege, of Ubisoft. The official announcement came this past week, so now the team will perform at the official Rainbow Six Siege tournaments, and already has the OHHAMA line-up in 2020.

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According to T1's own organization, those hired for the official R6 line-up are: Wonil "iLeven" Cha, Daeyeong "Demic" Kim, Jeongwoo "r3plica" Kim, Heonseong "Yeti" Lim and Sangeun "Vamos" Kang. Among all these athletes, the best known are: iLeven and Demic, who have already won the Pro League Season 11 title alongside SCARZ.

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Now, with this entry into Ubisoft's FPS, T1 will find its League of Legends rivals. Some of these rival teams are: Cloud9, which was one of the best organizations in the APAC region; Korean Open 2020 runner-up: Winter Finals, DAMWON Gaming; and Talon, which had the best campaign during the regular edition of Korean Open 2020: Winter.
While the arrangements are being finalized for T1, the team already has scheduled appointments to participate in the Korean Open Spring 2021, which started this Saturday (13). In addition, the team is also scheduled to participate in the APAC League 2021 - North Division, which is projected for March 19. According to information, T1 will debut against SGA in Korean Open Spring 2021, and against Talon in APAC League.
It's worth to mention that T1 is recognized for having an elite team within League of Legends. In the LoL modality, the team has already managed to be three-time World Champion alongside its most famous player Faker, who today is considered one of the best League of Legends players of all time.

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