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Is it possible to control the results of our bets?

Is it possible to control the results of our bets?
One of the most important issues in a player's life is how much control he can have over a bet.
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A common theme that we usually discuss in our articles is about the emotional side of betting. If you haven't read it, we recommend checking it out, as it will help you a lot in your evolution as a bettor. This subject is simple and complex at the same time, since theoretically it is quite easy to give examples of what to do and not to do, but it is only in practice, when money and emotion are involved, that we can have the dimension of how it influences our future in this branch. That is why today we will talk a little more about control and the extent to which we can dominate the results of our bets.

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The human being naturally has difficulties to make a correct interpretation about the control and mastery of situations that are taken by unpredictability and randomness, and if we analyze how the betting medium works, we will see that this is what is most within a game or event. That way, your primitive side already takes you to a disadvantage, so it is important to learn how to deal with these issues in our brain, and not just focus on the technical part of our knowledge.

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Speaking of knowledge, another point that usually leads the player to losses and falls is the self-confidence that he has in a bet just for having information, dominance and wisdom about any team, sport or competition. Undoubtedly, it is important and necessary to have all this knowledge, but the moment it gives you the feeling of control over the bet and its outcome, you may be going on a dangerous path.
The false feeling that we have control over a winning bet is even worse when we are analyzing those games that we “almost won”. Adjusting the events of the outcome of a match just to reinforce your control over that event is one of the most common cases of this type of behavior that we are debating today. Therefore, we often do not make the correct assessment to understand why “I just needed to win this bet”, and we follow an approach that has nothing to do with the real cause.
Other issues that often goes unnoticed are the beliefs and rituals that we bring to the betting, something that has existed since the emergence of man and that is part of our daily lives. A perfect place to illustrate what we are talking about is the Casinos. The player usually takes an irrational belief for games taken by randomness, relying on his ability to control the actions of that game. For example, they feel more confident and consequently bet higher values ​​when they are in charge of playing the dice, or spin the ball on the roulette wheel.
This illusion of control over the bets, without mathematical background and probabilities, is common to witness in the Lotteries as well. The person is taken for trust when he is under the command to choose the numbers, through those that he considers special for some reason, instead of choosing a ready game made by the machine, for example.
We could be here a long time giving examples of things that are done naturally and that help to have that false sense of control. But the important thing is to show ways for you not to embark on this cognitive bias. Understanding that you don't have complete control in situations that are taken over by randomness is the first step. Going deeper into methods and formulas that have already shown results, instead of putting mystique and your sense of control in the first place, is another path that will make you more prepared. We know that it is not easy, because as we said throughout the text, control and everything around it are behaviors that are in our DNA, coming from the primates, but if you want to succeed in betting, discipline and a more rational assessment it will be the best choice to make.

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