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LoL: Schalke 04 puts his place up for sale at LEC

LoL: Schalke 04 puts his place up for sale at LEC
Going through a financial crisis, the Schalke 04 organization puts its place up for sale at LEC for millions.
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This Tuesday morning (29), the Schalke 04 organization put its place up for sale at LEC for around € 20 million. The team, which was branded on the LEC franchise, has been facing a financial crisis and will leave the League of Legends Europe competitions in this second split of LEC 2021. According to information, the Team BDS organization will buy the spot in Schalke 04 for the value of € 26.5 million.

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The information was revealed by Schalke 04 itself, through an advertisement on their social networks. According to the organization, the need to sell its place in the competition is one of the side effects that the pandemic has caused around the world, including a relegation of the football team in the German championship, the Bundesliga. In one of the announcements, Schalke 04 reported the following: "While Schalke 04 had seen a phenomenal growth in the area of esports, specifically at LEC, the covid-19 pandemic and the relegation of the football club have had massive financial consequences for this historic club, thus leaving management with no other option."

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Schalke 04 also revealed that the organization had long been trying other approaches to solve this problem. However, the organization claims that it did not have the expected effects.
Thus, the organization of Team BDS, from Switzerland, became interested in Schalke 04's spot in the LEC, and the organization has teams within the Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, FIFA, Trackmania, Valorant and League of Legends games. For now, the LoL team is still in France, where it is part of the La Ligue Française. It is worth mentioning that the current BDS mid-laner in the French league is a Portuguese known as "Xico", who has already served in the mantle of the Brazilian team RED Canids in 2017 and 2018. Despite this, there is still no information on whether the BDS will maintain or have a new LEC cast in the year 2022.
Schalke 04 has a good history with LEC, having been present since the second stage of 2016. The organization also went through the Franchise system of Riot Games in 2019, where Schalke 04 had to invest around 8 million euros to guarantee their place at LEC.
Although the sale has only just been announced, rumors about Schalke 04 being facing a strong crisis began to gain traction in February of this year. According to information revealed, Schalke 04 already accumulated a debt of almost 200 million euros.
Including other facts, there was also the departure of Clemens Tönnies, president of Schalke 04 at the time. In addition, there was also an outbreak of covid inside one of Clemens Tönnies' properties, causing a scandal and an aggravation of the organization's financial crisis.
With the announcement of the sale of its spot at LEC, the story of Schalke 04 comes to an end in the competitive scenario. Accumulating five years of experience in competition, including the LEC runner-up in 2018, Schalke 04 will remain in the championship until the end of the year. After closing the second stage of LEC 2021, the organization will say goodbye to the championship. At the moment, Schalke 04 is in ninth place in the second split table of LEC 2021, having only two victories and five bitter defeats in their curriculum.

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