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Top Basketball Betting Markets

Top Basketball Betting Markets
We'll explain which are the most common bets to make in basketball.
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At this moment, the finals of the NBA competition are taking place and many fans are interested in following the decisive games more closely, which motivated us to put together this article explaining the best and most common betting markets in basketball.

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Basketball matches are extremely busy and with exchanges of points, so the way to bet should be well studied, as there are many twists and turns in games. Thus, markets such as point totals and Handicap are very popular, in addition to traditional Moneyline bets.

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Starting with the latter, making a Moneyline bet is nothing more than pointing out the winner of the match. In this year's finals, Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks are fighting for the title, so let's take an example of the odds of Match 3:
Bucks: @1.50
Suns: @ 2.70

When choosing one of the options, you just bet o the team that wins, regardless of the difference in points (we'll explain in handicap), or total points. It's the simplest bet to make.
Betting on the basketball handicap market requires a certain knowledge of the teams, as in this market option the house offers points advantage or disadvantage to both teams, aiming to balance the actions of the match's favoritism. It is represented as + or -. For example: +6.5 points for the Suns (meaning the Suns can lose by up to 6 points of difference), or -4.5 points for the Bucks (in which case the Bucks will have to win by at least 5 points of difference).
There is a huge list of point differences to bet on, and each with a value (odd). In match 3 of the finals, let's give an example of the odds that one of the bookmakers is offering in this market:
Bucks: @1.90 - 4.5 points
Suns: @ 1.90 +4.5 points

Can you tell the difference? These numbers are saying that the Bucks are the favorite for the match, because even though they are at a point disadvantage, they have the same value as the Suns, who have 4.5 “extra” points. The Handicap is a great way to bet when you identify a big favorite in the match and want to find better odds than what is being offered in moneyline bets, as there the payoff will be quite low for this favourite's simple victory.
Another very popular type of market is the point totals (over/under). Here you will have to adjust the amount of points that will occur in the match, adding the two teams. It is another market that requires technical knowledge about the teams, as many matches end with a high amount of points, as well as clashes with a very low total sum by standards. Following the example of this year's finals:
Over 219.5: @1.83
Under 219.5: @1.95

If you bet on over, you're betting that they have at least 220 points in the sum. In the same way as if you choose under, your bet will only be successful if the two franchises together do not reach 220 points at the end of the match. As with the handicap, there are numerous scoring options to bet, in this case it starts at 212 points and goes up to 228 points, and the difference will be in the odds that the bookmakers will offer for each of these options.
There are other markets in basketball, making it possible to bet on a specific player, such as the amount of points (over or under) they will score. Likewise, you can bet on the use of teams in separate parts of the match, such as 1st half or 2nd half, or some specific quarter of the match. Each one has its characteristics, and they are all very interesting. Good luck!

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