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Casinos get the green light in Venezuela

Casinos get the green light in Venezuela
After ten years closed, casinos are given the green light in Venezuela to return to operation.
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During 2011, the president at the time, Hugo Chávez, had banned the operations of casinos and bingo halls in the country. After a period of ten years closed, casinos were given the green light in Venezuela to return to operation. At the time that the interruption of their operations was ordered, the casinos were labeled as "places of disgrace" and were only used to enrich the "bourgeoisie", according to former president Hugo Chávez.

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Through the measure taken in 2011, the closure of the casinos resulted in one hundred thousand unemployed people. However, this information was only revealed the following year, in 2012, by the Venezuelan Bingo and Casino Workers Union (STBCV).

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Within that decade, several criticisms were leveled at the Venezuelan government, as the closing of the casinos had been followed by a series of promises to invest in the country's economy, but the promises were not fulfilled. Recently, the newspaper Tal Cual revealed that the country's current president, Nicolás Maduro, is working to reopen casinos in Venezuela. According to information, it was revealed that at least 30 casinos have already received their respective authorizations to return to operating in Venezuela.
In the article published by the newspaper Tal Cual, it was specified that the casinos should return to operation next week: "These establishments are expected to open their doors from next week". It is worth remembering that in December 2020, Maduro had revealed the authorization to open the "International Casino at the Hotel Humboldt". At the time, a series of videos was released with people playing in the casino, using Venezuela's cryptocurrency, "Petro", which had been released in conjunction with the opening of the casino, but it ended up not being used.
Now with the authorization of the casinos to resume operations in Venezuela, a new economy can be adopted for the country. It is worth mentioning that on August 31, the Ciudad Jardín casino, at the Hotel Pipo de Maracay, in Aragua, highlighted a "full night" at its inauguration, and held a series of games for its participants.
According to the information revealed about the resumption of the casinos, the following locations should resume their regular operations:
Carcas: Hotel Dubai, Waldorf, Conami, Tamanaco and Eurobuilding.
Miranda: Coliseo, Macaracuay, La Cáscara, La Urbina and Buenaventura.
Nueva Esparta: Charaima, Caribe Plaza and Concorde
Lara: Tiuna, Lidotel and Jirajara.
Aragua: Platinum and Ballagio.
As for the game rooms, it was informed that the following rooms should reopen:
Zulia: Del Sur, Maruma and Inter de Maracaibo
Bolivar: Roraima and Guayana
Falcon: Baywasht and Tucacas
Carabobo: Inter de Valencia
Anzoategui: Sun Casino
Barines: Center Llanos
Portuguese: Eco Inn

Reflection in South American countries

The measure taken by the Venezuelan government is a new alternative to boost the country's economy, in the same way that other countries in South America are trying to do. In Brazil, the licensing of the gaming and sports betting market is in process. Meanwhile, in Colombia, it was recently reported that the country generated revenue of US$5.03 billion from the gaming market in the first half of this year alone.
The governing body of the Colombian gaming market, Coljuego, informed the public that the sports betting sector had an increase of 99.3% compared to 2020, as the market had earned US$ 2,52 billion in that period. Thus, there can be a great “inspiration” in neighboring countries for the gaming and sports betting market.
Coljuego vice president, Jhon Jairo Altamiranda, informed that there are high hopes for the gaming market to yield much more throughout the year: "We hope that in the second half of 2021, this will continue with the same pace of sales, positioning itself in the market as one of the great strengths of our sector."

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