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How to Download Wild Rift

How to Download Wild Rift
Learn how to download Wild Rift on your smartphone.
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Wild Rift, which was released in mid-March, has quickly become one of the most played games in the mobile eSports sector. The game, developed by Riot Games, was a very successful attempt to bring the MOBA League of Legends from PC to smartphone platforms.

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The game, which consists of the same format as League of Legends, featuring five players on each team on each side of the map, has the objective of destroying the rival Nexus to gain victory. Among other objectives, Wild Rift also brings the same structures as in League of Legends, with the turrets. In addition, Wild Rift also has the objectives of monsters such as Dragons and Baron. So, let's get down to business, learn how to download Wild Rift on your smartphone.

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1. First you need to access your app store, Playstore or App Store.
2. After that, search for the game "Wild Rift".
3. When found, click "install" for the download to start.
4. After installing the game app, launch Wild Rift.
5. On first appearance, a series of game updates will be downloaded.
6. After that, you can log in with your Riot Games account, the same one you use in League of Legends. Among other options, you can use your Facebook, Gmail and Apple account.
7. After that, the game will be fully playable.
Minimum requirements for Android

OS: Android 5 or higher
RAM memory: 2GB or higher
Processor: Quad-core with 1.5 GHz or higher
Video Card (GPU): Mali-T860 or higher

Minimum requirements for iOS

OS: iOS 10 or later
RAM memory: 1 GB or more
Processor: Dual-Core 1.4GHz
Video Card (GPU): PowerVR GX6450



Although Wild Rift is an adaptation of League of Legends for smartphones, the mobile game has some differences from its parent version. However, this only reflects on the issue of gameplay and skills with certain champions within the game.
In addition, Wild Rift still contains the same specs as League of Legends: ten players in total, two teams, the goal of destroying towers and the nexus. Even so, let's know a little about the differences between the game's mobile and the computer version.
1. The first thing that might come as a surprise to anyone who is used to the computer version is the abilities that have undergone some modifications. As Wild Rift is a mobile version of League of Legends, the game needs to be more dynamic and agile on smartphones. Therefore, some passive abilities are used as active ones. However, nothing that in a few minutes you can not adapt.
2. The game map has a few different locations. On the PC platform, the Baron is in the Top, while the Dragon is in the Bot. However, in Wild Rift this has also undergone some changes. The Baron can be found in the Top or the Bot, while the Dragon can be found in the Bot or the Top, that's because the map is spread out in your matches. It may sound confusing, but just notice how your base is right at the start of the game. Locate where the bot is and you'll notice the Dragon will be there.
3. Going back to the map issue, Wild Rift has simplified the League of Legends map. Being made up of a much more simplified jungle, the game becomes much faster than normal. Also, there are only three towers on each lane, quite different from the computer League of Legends.

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