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Tips for betting on the “Both Teams Score” market in football

Tips for betting on the “Both Teams Score” market in football
Some assessments are important to do to be successful in this market.
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When you choose to place a bet on a football game, you are faced with several market options within that match. Among them, one is called “Both Teams to Score”, also known as "BTTS". In this type of bet, we choose whether the two teams will score (or not) goals in the match. This is a type of market quite explored by some players and today we'll talk more about it.

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Regardless of the market it is, we must always seek as much information as possible in order to have winnings on a bet, and in both score it is no different, on the contrary. It is a type of bet where it is essential to know the performance of the two teams, knowing how to read their statistical and qualitative data. Keeping this in mind, the chances of profit grows a lot.

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Goals come out all the time in matches, but it's not that simple to bet on whether the two teams will score. However, the odds in this type of market are very interesting most of the time, and knowing how to explore them is an added advantage that you gain.
First of all, remember: to win a bet in this market, both teams do not necessarily need to score goals, as there is the option of NOT having goals from both teams.
So, stay tuned for some tips:
- Evaluate the numbers of the two teams, collecting their percentage and statistical data. See how many goals the home team usually scores and concedes at home, and how the visiting team plays away from their home. These numbers are not by chance, as they somehow reflect the posture of the teams on the field, as some have the characteristic of scoring more or less goals inside their stadium, as well as teams that have a predilection and advantages in playing away from home.
- Importance of the game for both teams. It happens a lot if a match no longer have motivational factors for one of the teams, or in the same week there is a match of greater importance, causing its lineup to be well modified. So see if the defender is the starter, if shirt 10 will be on the field, or if the scorer plays. With rankings, a good position in the table, or something that is life or death, such as relegation, the match takes on another meaning.
- The playing conditions, whether weather or field. It is not very rare to see the poor quality of the lawn or rain during the game as justification for a disappointing match by one of the teams. Teams that have higher quality and like to roll the ball in the field, have difficulties to find their goal in these conditions.
- See the difference in quality of the two teams. It is not forbidden for the last placed team to score a goal against the leader of the competition, but we have to be careful when teams that are technically very uneven face each other. In most of these cases, the team with less quality is characterized by defending and playing for a ball, something that is not ideal in this type of market. Here we hope to see both teams looking for the goal, in a game open to both. Therefore, teams with similar qualities and vocations increase the chances of winning.
- Make a qualitative observation of the teams and the match. No matter how much you look at the season numbers, the game conditions and which teams position in the table, some things are very specific and of paramount importance. An example: games considered classic, tense, have another behavior. It is common for matches like this to be tied, where it is more important not to lose than to try to risk the attack.
With these tips, little by little you start to learn about this market and start to analyze the game with a different focus. If you are placing your bets live, other factors gain importance, as any impactful move, posture of one of the teams in the duel, expulsion, substitution, etc. considerably change the chance or not of goals in the match.

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