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Trading on Betfair: How do I get started?

Although at first trading can seem extremely difficult to the beginner, with a lot of practice and some determination a good consistent profit can be earned. It is important to note that trading is time-consuming and it can be stressful as you need to be watching odds but this can only lead to experience.

Which are the best football leagues to bet on?

Newcomers to the betting world may wonder: which is the best league to bet on?
The answer may vary, depending on whether we're talking about punter bets or trading. As in almost anything, such ways of betting need to be addressed in different ways.

Liability vs Stake

This is a short explanation intended for beginners to shed light on the difference between the liability of a bet in favour (Back bet) and the liability of a bet against an event (Lay bet).

How can you live off trading?

It's not a myth! Lucrative trading methods are a reality for many traders. But without a simple and efficient method, living off trading is automatically out of the question!

But how can you design such a method?

Leverage in Sports Betting

Leverage is a term used in finances related with CFD’s (Contracts for Difference) and loans.
When trading with CFD’s we are trading over the difference in the variation, which allows us to bet a lot more money than we actually have available in bank.

Generic doubts about Tennis Trading

Ever since my presentation I said I was a professional trader and that my favourite market is tennis. Since then I've received multiple e-mails and, more recently, PM's asking me about my tactics, emotional control and how it is like to live off the income of this job.

Feast or Famine - Erratic Exchange Markets

When behaviour is erratic, the prices deviate from where they “should” be.

By being patient and picking off the high’s and low’s, erratic movements can offer a quick return.

Modern Betting: Be Partially Right But Win Every Time

In a betting exchange you can do much more than the simple cash-out available in many bookies nowadays.

There are thousands of markets, with 100's of £1,000's traded every day. Opportunity is almost endless.

Interpretation and analysis of Betfair market graphics

You have certainly wondered how is it possible to predict market movements in Betfair and how can you interpret the information presented at those markets.

Well then, to interpret that information you need to understand a few financial market concepts.

Sports bet trading based solely on a technical analysis

If in live trading we can predict fast odd rises and falls, in pre-match we can also predict variations in matches with low uncertainty, just by analysing the market.

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